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Magnesium and metal molding

Thixotropic molding of magnesium.

Thixotropic injection molding of magnesium presents one of the toughest process environments. Standard single alloy cylinders seldom reach 250,000 cycles at optimum operation. Wexco Thixo-BM™ barrels withstand corrosion, fatigue, abrasion and have exceeded 1,000,000 cycles in the field. Wexco is licensed worldwide by Thixomat® as the bimetal barrel manufacturer and supplier of Thixomolding® system components.

The Thixomolding® process is similar to the injection molding of plastic. Unlike plastic the feed stock utilized is a pelletized form of magnesium without polymer binders. The feed stock is fed in at the barrel throat through a controlled device. The metal proceeds to be heated and melted as advanced forward by the feed screw. The shearing work, friction and heat generated by screw rotation along with conducted heat from barrel heaters supply the energy needed to create thixotropic slurry (magnesium in molten mold-able state). Once a pre-set volume of slurry is recovered in front of the screw it is then injected into the mold. The screw, barrel, valve and associated components must withstand high heat, pressure and have a resistance to corrosion, fatigue and abrasion wear. This severe environment creates the need for special construction of super-alloy Thixomolding components to endure and provide consistent performance and durability. When applications get tough insist on genuine Thixomolding barrels and components from Wexco.

Metal Injection Molding

Metal injection molding (MIM) combines powdered metal and plastic to produce wear intensive extrusion binder mixing and compound injection molding process environments. Wexco manufactures bimetallic barrels and liners for all makes and types of metal injection molding and binder mixing applications. Wexco products are found worldwide operating in mild to severe abrasion and corrosion wear environments.

The majority of machine makers, rebuilders, screw manufacturers and equipment distributors depend on Wexco to meet the demands of durability encountered in metal injection molding.

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